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Before you think about getting new sod to bring life back into your lawn, let us tell you about overseeding. It costs less than sod and can give your lawn an advantage over similar lawns that use sod instead.


Overseeding is basically planting grass seed on existing turf, without tearing up the soil or turf. Overseeding gives you a beautiful thicker lawn. Other lawns tend to thin out over time. We recommend overseeding fescue lawns every two years to keep them healthy, thick and avoid expensive and destructive re-sodding.


Lucky Lawn & Landscape uses a process that opens slits in the ground to drop seeds into; there is direct contact between seeds and the dirt. This helps every seed be protected from birds eating them and damage by the sun. This helps you get your money’s worth. Once the seeds are in place they stay in place and help give your lawn that robust healthy look that people on the other side will envy for being greener.


Overseeding provides several benefits:


•  Save money

•  Healthier robust lawn

•  Avoids destructive re-sodding


Make others green with envy,

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