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Lucky Lawn, offers an variety of clean up and planting services as seasons change. Our crew will clean up your yard after a harsh Winter and prepare your landscape for Spring and Summer.


We'll help your landscaping recover from the cold by making sure that trees, shrubs, flower beds, grass and walkways are in tip-top condition. Grass, shrubbery and plants get damaged by the winter's frost.


Moldy leaves and debris may litter your lawn as spring approaches. We will clean up the mess winter left behind. Our job is to clean up and prep your landscaping for spring renewal.


Our Clean-Up includes:


•  Power Ranking and Fertilizing Grass.

•  Manicuring Gardens.

•  Applying Control Treatment to Prevent the Growth

   of Crabgrass, Broadleaf, Fungus and Grub.

•  Pruning Trees and Shrubs.

•  Edging Unwanted Weeds and Applying Bark Mulch

   to Ornamental Beds.

•  Installing Sod.

•  Sweeping and Removing Sand, Dirt, Sticks,

   Branches and Other Debris.

•  Applying Lime and Core Aeration.

•  Dethatching.



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